Welcome to Rosetown Community Church! We are so glad you were able to make it here.  If you are like many of the people we have had come in the past, we are sure you have a lot of questions.  If you have questions about Faith or about Jesus, take a look at our Questions Page. 

Other questions you may have about our church could include:

What is Important? - The most important thing is, we love God by loving people.  That means, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, we want to do life with you and show you the love of God.

When is church? - We have Sunday morning service every Sunday at 10:30. This service is approximately one hour long with opportunities to connect with people. 

Who can come? - Our church is open to everyone. We want you there!  Our church is a safe place for kids.  We welcome kids into our services.  If your child is noisy, don’t worry about it.  Nobody at Rosetown Community Church has perfect kids, so we don’t expect you to either.

How do I dress? - At our Sunday services, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie, unless you want to.  Come dressed in “normal” clothes.  There is no uniform required. Where are you?

Where are we? - We are right on Highway 4.  Watch for the big Roughrider logo on the water tower.  We are across the street.

Why do you want to come? - We are a church filled with regular people, just like you?  We are just everyday people.